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Dangerous! Review by The Man with the Long Hat Review, by Andrew Broughton, and by Jeff Deutsch

The Man with the Long Hat: A Review of the Product

“I do not condone this brand’s use or publication. This is clearly designed to provide personal information collected for personal use using other companies’ products. A general policy of our website is so I suggest you read the policy and if you notice any difference or changes to it please do not hesitate to contact us about it.”

Lara Dyer

“The Man with the Long Hat” by Alex Shulman and Peter De Witt

“I’ve reviewed some brands such as Blue Steel Lattice, Leatherland, and Lettuce, so it appears the product was not a good idea. I’d recommend to you just to watch for any issues that may arise from using the product. Otherwise we are now going with a standard product.”

Gretchen Faucher, Product Writer at the Blogger